Gaganyaan mission: ISRO reschedules launch of test vehicle mission by 30 minutes GPL-NEWS

Gaganyaan mission

Due to inclement weather, ISRO postponed the launch of Test Vehicle D1 for the Gaganyaan mission, postponing it by thirty minutes. Thirteen hours ago, the countdown started.
The launch of ISRO’s first Test Vehicle for the Gaganyaan human space travel project was postponed by 30 minutes on Saturday from this spaceport.

The first launch pad was supposed to be the point of departure for the Test Vehicle D1 mission, however the time was moved to 8:30 a.m. A revised lift-off time of 08:30 hours IST was stated in an ISRO update for “X.”

At the Mission Control Center, a similar announcement was delivered.

Although the cause for the sudden change in schedule was not immediately clear, sources suggested that overcast and rainy weather may have been to blame. The countdown meter that was shown on the monitors at Satish Dhawan Space Centre was taken down shortly after the announcement about the timetable changes. On Friday at 7:00 p.m., the 13-hour countdown got underway.

The Gaganyaan programme, which intends to launch humans into space for three days in a 400 km Low Earth Orbit and return them safely to Earth, is modeled after the test vehicle mission.

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